Saturday, October 30, 2010

The Body

The Body played New York City for the Brooklyn Vegan CMJ showcase at the Union Pool with Cough, Inter Arma, Battilus, and Royal Thunder.
I got there kinda late, but instantly spotted Chip and Lee and hugs proceeded.
The show was sold out and there was a taco truck in the back patio.
I got in for the last bit of the last song and instantly felt the punishment.
I was surprised and happy to see they had some extra synth noise and samples played by Steven, the guitar/vocalist of Dead Times (Lee's black metal project). They played Jax a while back.

Thursday, October 28, 2010

twelve hour turn reunion

HOWDY! These guys are doing a few shows to commemorate the 25th year of No Idea Records and an 8 year reunion.

October 27 - Ring of Fire, St. Augustine, FL
October 28 - Sinclair, Jacksonville, FL
October 31 - Fest 9!, 8 Seconds, Gainesville, FL

The St. Augustine show was super fun! The guys sounded like they had never stopped playing. The tones, vocals and performance was fantastic for 8 years apart.
Jacksonville was no different, except microphoned drums and cabs and on a stage. I'll be getting pictures from the Jacksonville show from Josh or Matt's dad..haha

Josh's pictures


Found this in Atlanta...knew some people going up, but couldn't make it.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Beach House

This past weekend, I took a little road trip to Atlanta/Athens to see and hear the ethereal music of Baltimore's Beach House. The show was at the 40 Watt Club and was pretty packed. It was their last show coming off of tours with Washed Out and support for Vampire Weekend, they were psyched to be headlining as shown through great enthusiasm in their performance as well as very kind words to the audience, "You are the mothers and fathers we never had." (the only one i can remember). Victoria's voice sounded perfect and haunted the room with its presence. She also headbanged a lot, which made me happy (she has nice hair).
The sound mix was equally as amazing staying true to the depth and warmth of the recorded material with a live drummer and additional keyboard/bass player.
The pictures do no justice (my camera phone), but the glowing pyramids and a twinkling background with the house lights made for a visually stunning experience.

As I was there, I thought of creating a new blog for the ladies and gents who do merch.
I thought I could share my experience touring with Black Cobra, interview people who I've met along the way, document tour merch and talk to new merch people at shows and fests and stuff... stay tuned..
Beth was doing Beach Houses merch, so I got her to answer some questions about it... stay tuned.