Thursday, September 12, 2013


some good pictures of the crusty raw doom band CIVILIZATION
Cinema Sounds late '10


CIVILIZATION playing the Atlantic '09. This was either with MEHKAGO NT or BLOODY PANDA.

CIVILIZATION playing Transitions Art Gallery on the CIVILIZATION//ENVIRONMENTAL YOUTH CRUNCH Florida tour

The Fest 7, Gainesville, FL, 2008

DARK CASTLE playing 1984.

DARK CASTLE. Stevie and amps. It was Halloween weekend so they wore hooded robes.

Ramming Speed headbanging!

Ramming Speed headbangs a lot! Zoroaster played after this, there was a reason I forgot to take pictures.

Municipal Waste headbanging

M Waste

Thursday, February 28, 2013

March Tours: Hot Graves // B A T I L L U S

The month of March in 2013 brings the mighty ringed planet Saturn out to dance in the sky above the waning gibbous moon. As Saturn peers over the earth from deep space, two bands of titanic proportions will make terrestrial landfall over the U.S., punishing its crust.

Hot Graves brings forth brooding evil d-beat with enough swag to make fashion punks shiver in their freshly-studded boots. Their latest EP, Fashion Victim unleashes four punked-out rippers expounding on their take of punk's upside down crossed, studded and back patched impact on high fashion. No one is safe from the wrath of the Graves, and when butt flaps make it to the runways and shops on Madison Avenue, be sure the knights in white phosphorus will be there to crush them.

While Hot Graves hastens the march to your shallow place of rest, Batillus composes deep industrialized doom for the requiem. Your decomposing body will have time to reflect on its past life as Concrete Sustain pulses slowly into a bleak realm of pain and urban decay. Batillus' guitars chug and sustain into glorious feedback while synthesizers loom overhead of pounding drum and bass.

Like Saturn watching closely overhead, you should keep watch of Hot Graves and Batillus as they hit the road this March. All tour dates are listed below.


3/2 - Atlanta, GA @ 529 Bar
3/3 - Raleigh, NC @ Slim's Downtown
3/4 - Harrisonburg, VA @ The Blue Nile
3/5 - Philadelphia, PA @ the Millcreek
3/6 - Boston, MA @ Cambridge Elks Lodge
3/7 - Providence, RI
3/8 - New York. NY @ Saint Vitus Bar
3/9 - Richmond, VA @ Strange Matter
3/10 - Asheville, NC @ Static Age Records
3/11 - Savannah, GA TBA 


2/28/2013 Chicago, IL @ Ultra Lounge w/ Himalayan, Dead Level
3/1/2013 Madison, WI @ WISCO w/ Lungs, Mercian, Subjugation
3/2/2013 Minneapolis, MN @ Medusa w/ Lungs, Bellow
3/3/2013 Billings, MT @ The Railyard Ale House w/ Fallen is Babylon
3/4/2013 Walla Walla, WA @ The Power House Theatre
3/5/2013 Portland, OR @ The Know w/ Megaton Leviathan, Towers
3/6/2013 Seattle, WA @ Highline w/ Atriarch, Addaura
3/8/2013 Oakland, CA @ The Swamp w/ Kowloon Walled City, Monuments Collapse, Amarok
3/9/2013 Los Angeles, CA @ 5 Star Bar w/ Kowloon Walled City, Suffering Luna, Destroy Judas
3/10/2013 Phoenix, AZ @ Trunkspace w/ Sorxe, Ladybird, Goya
3/13/2013 Austin, TX @ Mohawk – Pitchfork Show No Mercy SXSW Party w/ Skeletonwitch, Pallbearer, Mutilation Rites, more
3/14 – 3/16 SXSW TBA
3/17/2013 Baton Rouge, LA @ Mud & Water w/ Grave Robbers
3/18/2013 Lafayette, LA @ The Feed & Seed w/ Before the Eyewall, Guiltless
3/20/2013 Tallahassee, FL @ Hidden Hand w/ Attack Culture, Praying, Rovagug
3/21/2013 Athens, GA @ Little Kings w/ Pale Prophet
3/22/2013 Chapel Hill, NC @ Chapel Hill Underground w/ Backwoods Payback, Bitter Resolve
3/23/2013 Richmond, VA @ Strange Matter w/ Sinister Haze, Backwoods Payback, Men’s Room

Tuesday, January 29, 2013


Its been just over one year since my last post so update away!

good bands with crappy pictures and unfinished drafts also has more pictures of shows and other stuff
Black Cobra in Denver
Anti Flag in Meerhout, BE Groezrock 2012

Torche in NYC
Suicidal Tendencies Long Beach, CA

King Dude in Brooklyn

Converge in nyc


Wednesday, July 11, 2012

People doing stuff: Metalcakes

 Yes, our friends Stevie and Rob of Dark Castle are doing stuff, stuff around the world.. Playing beautifully heavy music. They are truly inspiring and have inspired a new Metalcake, the Awake in Sleep cupcake. These cakes are based off of the first track of Spirited Migration "Awake in Sleep" and even have some coffee in them! mmmmm. I love Metalcakes so creative and delicious, I first wrote about them here as they are a fond memory touring with Black Cobra.

Thursday, May 10, 2012


Ok, so the only time I post anymore is when I start a tour. I'm sitting in the Atlanta airport waiting to fly to San Francisco to meet up with the Black Cobra dudes for another US//Canadian tour. This time we're teaming up with Gaza, Torche and the legendary Corrosion of Conformity! We actually just ended a two week European tour with COC and Zoroaster. All theses dudes are super tight! The shows were awesome! The highlight was probably Roadburn Festival in Tilburg, Holland where BC headlined the Afterburner in front of a couple thousand stoners.

Monday, January 23, 2012

Go here for picture updates, I probably won't blog much..


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