Thursday, April 21, 2011


Bad Dream from Brooklyn, NY play heavy riffs that seem to be inspired by weed.

Shoppers from Syracuse, NY play fuzzed out indie rock and were just interviewed in MAXIMUM ROCK AND ROLL, That means something. On Drugged Conscience Records.

Please bring a few dollars for donations, or drink one less beer and use that 6 dollars to help em out.

Saturday, April 16, 2011

some shows in Duval

5/4/11 - Bad Dream and SHOPPERS @ Burro Bar (grand opening)
5/4/11 - BRAIN fART Motorcycle Helmet and Tank art show @ The Art Center Co-op (229 Hogan St. downtown)
5/4-8/11 - BURY YOUR BIKE 4. Pass the Mike and Bike part 3 with Civilization and others tba
5/17/11 - Crows Foot and Talk Sick Earth @ Shantytown
6/4/11 - Witchaven, Bloodcraft, Vomikaust, Hallelujah, Remains @ Lomax Lodge
6/21/11 - The Body, Assembly of Light Choir, Civilization (last show), Medicine Wheel (first show) @ tba

s h i t s t o r m

Miami style grinders Shitstorm posted some tour dates as they make their way up the coast to Maryland Death Fest then back down to play Chaos in Tejas then back to Florida.

FL shows:

4/21 - Tampa, FL @ Transitions Art Gallery - w/ D.O.C., Cell Graft, Devout
4/22 - Miami, FL @ Churchill's - w/ Asshole Parade, D.O.C., Maruta, Cell Graft, Mauser, Last
4/23 - Gainesville, FL @ Boca Fiesta w/ Asshole Parade, D.O.C. (Disciples of Christ), Mauser
4/24 - St. Augustine, FL @ Ring of Fire w/ Asshole Paragde, D.O.C., Mauser
5/19 - Gainesville, FL @ TBA
6/8 - Tallahassee, FL @ The Farside Collective - w/ TBA
6/9 - Orlando, FL @ Hoop's Tavern - w/ TBA


I like looking at the merchandise bands sell at shows and since I can't buy it all I'm going to start showing you pictures of bands' merch. They will most likely come off of my camera phone (3.2 mega pixels) and usually under bad lighting, if I even remember to take pictures... so don't expect much.

November 2010, Club Hell, Providence, RI
High on Fire, Torche, Kylesa