Saturday, July 23, 2011

Night Fever/Estorbo/GP

Went to a show recently in Jacksonville. ESTORBO and GORILLA PUSSY from Miami were on tour. NIGHT FEVER from Denmark was added. They were doing an east coast tour with a dude from New Jersey. It was hot out so I brought some watermelon for the Danes thinking they didn't have watermelon in Denmark, but they said they did.. I wonder if they ate it or just thought I was crazy?

Thursday, July 21, 2011



Black Flag, the first hardcore band, tough as shit, DIY grandpas, classic, fuck yeah!
The "four bars" logo was created for the band in 1977 by Raymond Pettibon, Greg Ginn's brother, to represent a stylized waving black flag. It is undoubtedly one of the most easily recognizable band logos in music. It makes a great shirt and tattoo, but what message does it really spread? Is the iconic "four bars" logo a symbol of DIY ethos and hardcore music, a stylized symbol of anarchy or a skewed symbol of the Nazi SS?

To demonstrate the transformation, the four bars are simply reconfigured and skewed in three stages to make an SS symbol:

This video shows evidence of the SS symbol (on helmets and black flags) as originally used by nazi bastards. They bear a striking resemblance to stage two of our transformation.

1:27 shows a small symbol in a helmet.
3:01 is the best example. It shows a black flag with white bars as seen in the second stage.

Sunday, July 10, 2011


1890Wambolt St. 32202





ASHBASH 2011 was awesome. There was everything that was on the flier... and more. There was skateboarding on a box with a little rail, vegan food and desert that was mouth watering and delicious and those bands; a good mix of hardcore punk//post rock//obscure.

Crow's Foot

I love crust, melodic hardcore and pretty much anything with a D-beat. That beat and rhythm absolutely drive you to be active and makes you want to do things faster. CROW'S FOOT blends those things and deep passion. They recently played in Jacksonville with TALK SICK EARTH and was just really dang good. This is my first interrogation of a band, here are the questions I asked them:

1. names and band roles?
Jaydee-vox, Ben M.-Drums, Max-guitar, Benzito-Bass

2. How did everyone meet up and start playing together?
In April 2008, Jaydee and I (Ben M.) saw Deserter play at the Tattoo House in Tampa. After
seeing how these kids were so passionate and angry, we knew that we had to start a band

3. Where did the name Crow's Foot come from?
Ben’s brother, Robby, was the original guitarist. He got our band name from looking at a
peace sign and called it a crow’s foot.

4. Your on a 3 week tour right now, what has been a memorable date/place so far?
Is there a show your looking forward to?
Fort Myers was a memorable kick off show. We played at Cool Hand Luc’s with Tortured and
Tropiezo from Puerto Rico. We spent the earlier part of the day putting our records together
with our friends and eating vegan food. As Florida kids, we’re looking forward to playing
basement shows.

5. Where does the inspiration for your songs come from?
We’re inspired by each other, by our anger, and by the mindless destruction of the earth. We
are angry about the obscene treatment of non-human species.

6. Does living in Tampa or Florida have any certain affect on you individually or the band?

7. Do you feel like Florida is a good place for music right now?

8. on the grid or off the grid?

9. Outside of making music, distributing zines and traveling, how else do you spread your
As far as spreading our beliefs, I find it crucial to constantly engage in discussion with people
who are even remotely interested in what I have to say or even with people that disagree
with you. I constantly find myself talking to friends and strangers about topics such as animal
liberation, anarchy, and deep ecology. Through personal discussion I feel like I can reach
an individual in a more personal way, and vice versa, making the conversational topic a lot
more relatable. I always find it encouraging when I find out that one of my friends has decided
to go vegan after talking to me, it definitely brings to my attention the power of personal
discussions. - Benzito

10. What would you tell someone who wanted to reduce their consuming habits or why
someone should?
Our society trains us to be insatiable consumers and everything about that is wrong. I would
tell them to look at their possessions and their consuming habits and ask themselves to
perceive their belongings with a primeval mentality. What serves a profitable function to you?
Upcycle what you can use and give the rest of it away.

11. The Crow's Foot 10" vinyl record is really sweet. Can you talk about the songs, art and
Jaydee did the art for the cover. Joe, Nevin, and Aysia from Ft. Myers helped us screen print
and sew the covers. Our songs cover subjects regarding earth and human liberation.

12. What other releases do you have?
Early demo, Crow’s Foot: Manifest CD, and a Split 7” with Deserter.

13. What is in the future for Crow's Foot?
We’re planning a south-eastern tour, for March 2012, with Kasatka from Belgium.

14. thanks for washing your dishes
Real punx wash dishes.