Saturday, February 27, 2010

Gypsy Spit demo

Gypsy Spit '10 Demo cdr:

-4 songs questioning the practices of urbanization, land use, quality of life, and the effects of higher learning.
-Hand made sleeves from recycled post-consumer packaging
-Lyric insert
-2 buttons
-Stenciled sticker
-Recorded live February 2010

-Limited to 35
-Cover song "I Like Food" by The Descendents with vegetarian revised lyrics.

Mediafire download link

Friday, February 5, 2010


1/23/010 - Civilization '07 Demo tape released.

2/24/010 - Gypsy Spit '10 Demo cd-r released.

3/17/010 - Mehkago NT, Vomikaust at Lomax Lodge

5/22/010 - Murder-Suicide Pact and CIVILIZATION at the Lomax Lodge.

5/24/010 - FATAL, HOT GRAVES, ++. Shantytown Pub Metal Mondaze.

scroll down for fliers.
all shows in Jacksonville, FL unless otherwise noted.

Monday, February 1, 2010

CIVILIZATION '07 Demo tape

These songs were recorded in the fall of 2007 with nothing becoming of them...until now.
The tracks are longer and somewhat slower than the recent s/t LP with a more raw sound.
6 songs on pro printed cassettes with lyrics.
Also included are two live tracks recorded (1/07) at the Wayward Council in Gainesville.
Limited to 150.
This lineup was a 3 piece including a bassist and bromagnon Matt Oliver, formerly of 12 Hour Turn and now drumming for DANAVA in Portland.

Email: for trades/purchase.