Thursday, January 20, 2011

D-Beats '77-79

Here are some early d-beats. I stuck mostely with the U.K. and Swedish stuff. If you have any more from anywhere post em in the comments. I know Asta Kask from Sweden was around, but wasn't sure of specific songs.

'77 - Motörhead - I'm Your Witchdoctor* - Motörhead - England
I'm pretty sure this counts..
*(cover '66 - John Mayall & The Bluesbreakers)

'77-78 - Discharge - Pause - '77-78 Demos - England
Its kind of debatable about the drum beat, but yea, its freakin Discharge so here it is..

'78 - Motorhead - Tear Ya Down - John Peel Sessions, then released on Overkill in '79

'78 - Buzzcocks - You Tear Me Up - Another Music In a Different Kitchen - England

'79 - The Rude Kids - Marquee - Safe Society - Sweden


  1. Discharge of course! That's where they got the name "d-beat" and Totalitar from Sweden (couple of dudes from brainbombs).

  2. Yeah, I was hesitant about the Discharge Demos, they seem more just regular punk beats to me. I was saving the Decontrol, Never Again and Fight Back 7"s for the 1980 post.