Thursday, February 10, 2011

MONARCH is now a "local band" / WHITEHORSE

Monarch! has picked up Rob from Dark Castle as their touring drummer.
They have members from France and maybe Australia and now Saint Augustine!
I guess it was a couple months ago Rob texted me and asked if I had any Monarch records because he had to learn the drum parts for a West coast tour. I was just like, "WTF! thats freakin rad".
Now hes touring Japan and Australia playing some of the most extreme live doom/drone out right now.
I love to see friends doing what they love and being successful.

check out MONARCH!
last FM

Speaking of Australia and doom, the band WHITEHORSE is coming to America for a tour. That link will show you the dates, they have a few dates in Florida -- Pensacola, Tampa and Gainesville. All the east coast dates are with The Body. Its weird, I met the vocalist Pete 6 years ago in Richmond at Best Friends Day 4. He was staying at the house I was staying at and we started talking. He gave me the Whitehorse Caverns CD. Its 27 minutes and 12 seconds of pure grief.

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