Saturday, March 20, 2010

SXSW Today...

We are heading to the "circus" that is Austin, TX for the fest..
Black Cobra is on the Tone Deaf Touring showcase bill for this evening
alongside WEEDEATER, Black Tusk, U.S. Christmas (who are on the first leg of the Chronomega tour), ASG and RWAKE...probably some others.

Saw WEEDEATER last night for the first time and was not disappointed..MONSTER stoner riffs and not boring. Dixie the singer was jumping 'round the stage not showing any sign of his shotgun-shot left big toe...more on that later.
Black Tusk killed it as always bringing the party and I picked up the BT/The Holy Mountain 7".
A newer band really surprised me -- Struck By Lighting. Cool dudes playing some heavy jams.
Their guitarist/vocalist is from Mouth of The Architect.

Two nights ago we met up with Liturgy who I was hoping to see again after the Jax show, White Mice and Tinsel Teeth who all put on a good show with costumes, lights, crazy antics.

We meet up with High On Fire March 31st...

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