Friday, September 17, 2010


real quick synopsis of the past 4 months and future:

3 months touring with BLACK COBRA coast to coast almost 5 times for CHRONOMEGA, their first release on Southern Lord Records (working on new album now).
Got to see some great cities, meet some nice people and see awesome bands every night like BISON B.C., PRIESTESS, HIGH ON FIRE, STRUCK BY LIGHTNING, HOWL, THE ROLLER, ROYAL THUNDER. woh.

I picked up some records to distro from many of the bands as well as At A loss Records, so I will have that list up sometime..

THE BODY show fell through, but they'll reschedule to support the new record (which is incredible.. 10 drummers and a full choir!!)

Went to Richmond for Best friends Day 9!

NAILS (now on Southern Lord) played last night at Warehouse 8B, and brought some crushing, angry, breakneck hardcore, I wouldn't expect anything else from a SL band. check em out for sure.
I was definitely glad to see such good support for them, and that people want to go see live music... cuz its fun..

Septic Sam was at the Warehouse for Nails giving out some pretty pink fliers for a show he is hosting at Shantytown this Saturday the 18th.

INJ//SYS (thrashing hc from Tampa)
HAIL (blackened grinding punk/hc from Tampa)
Ill-Tolerance (Sams minimalist grind/hc terror squad)

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