Sunday, February 6, 2011


These are chandeliers and shrines we came across. Its funny to see what your attracted to and take pictures of when your traveling. Keep checking back for other stuff!!

This is the First Unitarian Church in Philadelphia, PA. A rad group of people set up shows in the basement! This is the actual church part which doubles as the back stage for bands. Food and water in the pews!

This one was probably the best. I'm pretty sure it came from One Eyed Jacks in New Orleans, LA.

This is the hallway in a hotel we stayed at in San Diego, CA, it was a Ramado or Holiday Inn or something. The hotel is a converted from an old bank, the vaults were still there and other nice embellishments. is where its at! I couldn't rotate the picture for the life of me, just turn yr head.

This was at a club somewhere, sorry can't remember.

This is my friend Sarah's mom's house, she is a spiritual adviser and has a ton of Buddha statues and other relics from world travels. Sarah has done merch for a million bands, she was with High on Fire when I met her and now is working with Kylesa.

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